A New Kind of Love


Time Out says

Director Shavelson cut his teeth as a writer for Bob Hope and Danny Kaye. He could have done with either of those comedians in this laboured, overdressed Parisian comedy. Instead, he ended up with Mr and Mrs Method, the always earnest Newman and Woodward. She's a fashion buyer, he's a lout of a journalist. He can't stand her short hair, but ends up falling for her when she's fitted with a wig. Saint-Laurent, Cardin and Dior provided the costumes, but the script could have been written by Andy Capp.

By: GM


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Melville Shavelson
Melville Shavelson
Paul Newman
Joanne Woodward
Thelma Ritter
Eva Gabor
Maurice Chevalier
George Tobias
Marvin Kaplan
Robert Clary
Robert F Simon
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