A Nous Deux


Time Out says

A familiar Lelouch motif: circumstance and coincidence bring together disparate individuals who proceed to fall in love. Dutronc is undemonstrative (yet hypnotically watchable) in the dual role of father and son, career criminals both. It's junior, however, who gets most screen time, using his musical prowess as cover for a successful prison break and ending up on the run with scamming call girl Deneuve. Dutronc, hardworking actor though he is, is actually best known in France as a recording artist. As often with Lelouch, the technique's more arresting than the material, with confident ellipses whip cracking the pace, even as the leads bring careful gradation to the deepening of emotional ties.

By: TJ


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Lelouch
Claude Lelouch
Jacques Dutronc
Catherine Deneuve
Jacques Villeret
Paul Préboist
Gilberte Géniat
Evelyne Ker
Monique Mélinand
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