A Passion


Time Out says

All Bergman's films in the late '60s centre on isolated social groups (often the partners of a marriage) and show them under attack from both inside and out: Laingian fissures and cracks open up between the characters, and their precarious security is challenged by irruptions from the outside world. Bergman preserves and extends his private mythologies (witness the way that images and names recur from film to film), but in a broader (less precious, more honest) context. Liv Ullmann says it all in The Shame when she dreams of 'living in the truth'. Here, another bold step forward in Bergman's analysis of human isolation, the public and private manias of Hour of the Wolf are brought down to earth among middle class intruders in an island community.

By: TR


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Ingmar Bergman
Ingmar Bergman
Liv Ullmann
Bibi Anderson
Max von Sydow
Erland Josephson
Erik Hell
Sigge Forst
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