A Piece of the Action


Time Out says

Poitier and Cosby, successful thieves and pointedly more honest than the organisations they rob, suddenly acquire a social conscience when blackmailed by a retired cop (Jones) into doing time at the local community centre and using their knowhow to prepare a bunch of dead end kids for society. Instead of usefully contemplating the subversive implications of such an arrangement, A Piece of the Action abandons the idea that society's there for the taking in favour of wholesale sincerity and homespun philosophy. The result is best described as integration comedy: a kind of black version of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

By: CPe


Release details

135 mins

Cast and crew

Sidney Poitier
Charles Blackwell
Sidney Poitier
Bill Cosby
James Earl Jones
Denise Nicholas
Hope Clark
Tracy Reed
Titos Vandis
Frances Foster
Jason Evers
Marc Lawrence
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