A Queer Story


Time Out says

Marriage guidance counsellor Law Kar-Sing (Lam) has a stable relationship with his younger boyfriend Sonny (Chan), but remains so deeply closeted that he has never broken the news to his childhood sweetheart that he's gay. Nor has he ever told his ultra-conservative father. The crunch comes when Sonny tires of his lover's evasions and walks out, forcing Law to rethink his life. The only real problem with Shu Kei's enjoyable comedy-drama is its insufficiently hidden agenda: too many scenes seem designed solely to set up common Chinese homophobic prejudices, only to knock 'em down. As Hong Kong's first overtly pro-gay movie, though, it's a credible piece of work. Its biggest asset is Jordan Chan, clearly a huge star-to-be.

By: TR


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Shu Kei
Shu Kei, Abe Kwong
George Lam
Jordan Chan
Francis Ng
Christine Ng
Fredric Mao
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