A Silent Love


Time Out says

A cool, unpredictable comedy of mismatched desires lies within A Silent Love, whose plotline sounds like a standard sex-farce setup: A shy, middle-aged Canadian film professor marries a much younger Mexican mail-order bride. Even as the newlyweds master each other's languages, it becomes apparent that good intentions can't entirely bridge the real obstacle: the husband is quickly falling in love with his mother-in-law. Writer-director Federico Hidalgo and co-writer Paulina Robles paint the characters in broad strokes—uptight WASP, warm Latina, lonely widow—then let the cast fill in details that make them feel awkwardly (sometimes even unlikably) real.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Federico Hidalgo
Federico Hidalgo, Paulina Robles
Vanessa Bauche
Susana Salazar
Noel Burton
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