A Social Genocide


Time Out says

Few documentarists have unpicked the systemic political, economic and institutional corruption of a nation as comprehensively as veteran radical film-maker Solanas does here. His portrait of the extraordinary fiscal abuses that led to Argentina’s 2001 crisis and ongoing troubles is a devastating analysis of the disastrous effect that the squalid relationship between the loan regimes of international bodies (the IMF and World Bank), a state ‘mafiocracy’ obsessed with self-aggrandisement at any cost and a policy of almost total privatisation can have on an entire population. Drawing on governmental and international reports, and with numerous informed commentators on board, Solanas charts complex processes with great clarity, never losing sight of the human impact. The engines of such collapse – ‘odious debt’, ‘dollarisation’, ‘capital flight’ – are clearly identified as inevitable to neoliberal globalisation’s scorched-earth progress, and thus the lessons of Argentina are a warning to us.

By: GE


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Fernando Solanas
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