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A Story of the Red Hills

  • Film

Time Out says

*** (Three stars)
Felai is a lame mute whose disability so incenses his father that, as the film opens, the man is dragging his son to the edge of their village, intent on murder. The possible filicide is interrupted by a local dance teacher named Manohar, who was once in love with Felai's mother. Through a series of disjointed events, Manohar and Felai end up finding safety miles away in another village, where Manohar becomes convinced he should start a new dance troupe performing his specialty, Chhou. Meanwhile, he begins raising Felai as his own flesh and blood. Felai is quickly captivated by Chhou's brilliant colors and rhythmic drums, and he takes to emulating the dancers in an effort to make his adopted father proud. This ragged film is plagued by overacting and inexplicable changes in sound volume between scenes. However, the director captures a certain sweetness in Felai's story that is hard not to connect with.—John Colburn, systems coordinator

[This is a TONY staff review, written for the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. It is not considered an official review and should not be read as such. Please think of it as a casual impression from a movie-loving friend.] 

Cast and crew

  • Director: Remo
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