A Tiger's Tale

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Between wrestling his pet tiger and pumping gas, Texas high school senior Bubber (Howell) finds time to seduce middle-aged lush Rose Butts (Ann-Margret). Her daughter Shirley - Bubber's ex-girlfriend - is real pissed off, and when the pair decide to live together for the summer, she joins her estranged father and his girlfriend. But not before getting her own back on the little prick by making a little prick of her own, in her mother's diaphragm. Before long, a kid is on the way, and the couple's idyll turns sour. Will Rose keep the baby? Will she and Bubber separate at the end of the summer as agreed? Will Bubber release the film's only sympathetic character, the pet tiger who steals the whole show by snaffling a customer's Pekinese? Will they ever stop making this sort of coy sex comedy?


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Douglas
Peter Douglas
C Thomas Howell
Charles Durning
Kelly Preston
Ann Wedgeworth
William Zabka
Tim Thomerson
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