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A Touch of Zen


Time Out says

King Hu's remarkable Ming Dynasty epic deliberately makes itself impossible to define, beginning as a ghost story, then turning into a political thriller, and finally becoming a metaphysical battle as the role of the monk Hui-Yuan (Chiao) comes to the fore. Structured like a set of Chinese boxes, twice forcing you to expand your frame of reference and reassess the meaning of what you've seen, it begins with a realistic portrait of life in a sleepy town outside Peking, and ends with extended fantasies of Zen Buddhism in action - and in between has a core of action scenes that transform Peking Opera stagecraft into sheer flights of imagination. Delights include a heroine who holds her own with men without being 'masculine', and transcendent moments like the stabbing of the monk, who bleeds gold... And the visual style will set your eyes on fire.

Release Details

  • Duration:175 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:King Hu
  • Screenwriter:King Hu
  • Cast:
    • Shih Chun
    • Hsu Feng
    • Pai Ying
    • Tian Feng
    • Roy Chiao
    • Han Yingjie
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