A Very Moral Night


Time Out says

Makk's film suffers by comparison with his later, more serious Another Way; a certain turn-of-the-century light-weightedness is not quite the same thing as buoyancy. A small town's brothel takes a medical student as a lodger, much to the all round delight of the girls, student, and madame. When his mother arrives to visit unexpectedly, the girls rally round with a charade to keep up appearances. The mask slips occasionally, but the old lady is beyond corruption, and to the pure all things are pure. Indeed, the film's main delight rests on Margit Makay's performance as the mother, a strong portrait of kindness and innocence preserved into old age. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Károly Makk
István Örkény, Péter Bacsó
Margit Makay
Irén Psota
Carla Romanelli
Györgyi Tarján
György Cserhalmi
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