A Walk to Remember


Time Out says

This Mandy Moore vehicle has a risible Footloose meets Love Story plot aimed at the kids who might propel the American singing sensation into the Britney firmament. By way of surprise - the only one - the opening sequence noisily kicks off to the Breeders' 'Cannonball'. Sadly, the reckless spirit of that punky song doesn't follow through. Quick as a flash, bad boy Landon (West) is out of trouble and into community service, supported by mom (Hannah). Next, he's fallen for Reverend's daughter and goody two shoes Jamie (Moore, annoyingly self-satisfied), in an adolescent romance we've seen a million times before. Him: desperate to earn the trust of her disapproving father. Her: transformed from ugly duckling to radiant love interest. Mercifully, the singing's kept to a minimum.

By: CF


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Adam Shankman
Karen Janszen
Shane West
Mandy Moore
Peter Coyote
Daryl Hannah
Lauren German
Clayne Crawford
Al Thompson
Paz de la Huerta
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