A Winter Tan


Time Out says

Strange movie, impossible to classify. It's based on letters by American feminist Maryse Holder, sent to girlfriends back home while she was abandoning herself to lust in Mexico, published (after her death at the hands of a Mexican stud) under the title Give Sorrow Words. The movie is framed as a sexual monologue: we see much more of the author (played by co-director Burroughs in a performance of awesome spiritual nakedness) than we do of the Mexican cocks she craves. The result is a bit like a female rewrite of Genet, a meditation in strictly physical terms on sex, desire, and frustration. Whatever else you think about it, it's certainly the only film of its kind.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Jackie Burroughs, Louise Clark, John Frizzell, John Walker, Aerlyn Weissman
Jackie Burroughs
Erando González
Javier Torres Zarragoza
Anita Olanick
Diane d'Aquila
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