A Woman's Secret

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Something of an RKO chore for Ray, to be sure. But a nicely structured script by Herman J Mankiewicz (from a novel by Vicki Baum) - repeating the investigative flashback structure of Citizen Kane as it examines the events leading up to the death of ex-singer O'Hara's devious and ungrateful protégée (beautifully incarnated by Grahame) - is well served by the civilised direction, which not only turns the Vicki Baum melodrama into a noir-ish mystery, but also stresses, as so often in Ray, the importance of interior space and the way it reflects/influences action. Entertaining, and less routine than it sounds.

By: GA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Nicholas Ray
Herman J Mankiewicz
Gloria Grahame
Victor Jory
Mary Philips
Melvyn Douglas
Jay C Flippen
Bill Williams
Maureen O'Hara
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