Absolut Warhola


Time Out says

Miková, in Ruthenia, Slovakia, doesn't have a lot to shout about, but it's where Andy Warhol's parents hailed from, and as someone comments, Andy is 'way more famous than Vasil Bilak'. Indeed. This jokey yet profound documentary reveals the poverty and ignorance of a peasant community on the cold side of the Iron Curtain, held up against the iconic Americana celebrated in Warhol's Pop Art. He used to send his cousins high heel shoes. They knew he was a painter, but not that he was an artist. To a man they insist that no homosexual ever came from Miková. There's a Warhol Museum nearby, but the roof leaks, and they won't let the gypsies in. If you want to send donations, have a pen handy, the mayor reads out the account number to camera.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Stanislaw Mucha, Dieter Reifarth
Stanislaw Mucha
Helena Bestevzeková
Ingrid Bosnovicová
Dr Michal Bycko
Janko Flaska
Fero Lakata
Eva Prevtová
Maria Warhola
Michal Warhola
Janko Zavacky
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