Abuzer Baklava


Time Out says

A loopy yarn that seems, endearingly enough, to take itself fairly seriously, the film's about a college lecturer who by night transforms into - Abuzer Baklava, singing superstar! A sort of charity working Superman, he's been raising money to build a rehab centre for street kids ever since his former girlfriend was stabbed during a mugging. But his alter ego's popular success also attracts the attention of politicians and mafiosi; and he's getting quite comfy in his stage persona. One problem, though, he has yet to reveal his identity to his new girlfriend. It's a rather bumbling and happy-go-lucky affair, but Akpinar's performance(s) are a lot of fun.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Tunç Basaran
Kandemir Konduk
Metin Akpinar
Talat Bulut
Sibel Turnagöl
Öslem Savas
Sebnem Özinal
Ebru Destan
Melda Arat
Mazlum Kiper