Acceptable Levels


Time Out says

A British TV crew assembles in Belfast to make a documentary, one of a series about children in Britain. Immured within their barricade of script, cameras and determined objectivity, they eye the disorder in which their child-subject lives for possible locations without really seeing anything until another child is killed by a rubber bullet. Compromises are made, images junked, and ideals sacrificed to professionalism. The contrasts between crew and subject are well pointed, and the ironies, suitably loaded, trip one another domino-like.

By: FD


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

John Davies
Gordon Hann, Kate McManus, Ellin Hare, John Davies, Robert Smith, Alastair Herron
Andrew Rashleigh
Kay Adshead
Sally McCafferty
Tracey Lynch
Geroge Shane
Frances Barber
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