Adieu Philippine


Time Out says

Aimini plays that familiar figure of '60s cinema, the young man awaiting his call-up papers. He works in a TV studio (very droll, these scenes) where he meets two girls, best friends, whom he joins for a holiday in Corsica. Relationships flare and fizzle, ending with the girls on the quayside and the lad on board ship, the war in Algeria beckoning. Rozier's methods were improvisational, and evidently he cast on appearance and manner rather than on acting talent. The result is a bit long-winded but très nouvelle vague, with a hidden camera tailing the characters through summery Paris streets, a bunch of Franco pop oddities on the soundtrack, and a quick glimpse of Jean-Claude Brialy.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Jacques Rozier
Michèle O'Glor, Jacques Rozier
Jean-Claude Aimini
Yveline Céry
Stefania Sabatini
Vittorio Caprioli
André Tarroux
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