Adrenalin – Fear the Rush

Film, Horror

Time Out says

This effluent from the bowels of Hollywood is right down there with Lambert's worst. It's set in a post-apocalyptic urban Wild West landscape, a quarantine camp for immigrants to the US where Henstridge's police officer joins a SWAT-team operation to clear a killer from the estate. Shown only in extra close-up, the killer has bloodshot eyes, bloody fangs, braces, jeans and bovver boots. He also has a large knife, some virulent disease, a taste for cops' flesh and a facility for taking out whole teams of armed police. Cheap Alien out-takes with a dumb underground Hannibal Lecter.


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Albert Pyun
Albert Pyun
Natasha Henstridge
Christophe Lambert
Norbert Weisser
Elizabeth Barondes
Craig Davis
Xavier de Clie
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