Adrenaline Drive

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Funnier than Yaguchi's earlier comedies, this plays like a sardonic hetero variation on Kitano's Boiling Point, while borrowing Kitano's discovery Ando from Kids Return. A nerdy kid upsets a yakuza and escapes with his life, a large sack of banknotes (washed and tumble-dried to remove the bloodstains) and a shy nurse who blossoms when she loses her glasses and gets her hair done. These two go on the run, Pierrot le Fou-style, never quite getting it together sexually as they fend off assorted cops, bag-snatchers and vengeful yakuza. Not as fast paced as the title implies, but it strikes the right balance between motion and emotion, never confusing the two.


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Shinobu Yaguchi
Shinobu Yaguchi
Hikari Ishida
Masanobu Ando
Jovi Jova
Kinna Mano
Yutaka Matsushige
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