After the Apocalypse


Time Out says

Nakajima's low-budget bummer raises the usual troubling questions about our radioactive future: Will we truly need to fashion clothes out of padded storage materials? And will forlorn plastic baby dolls be as common a post-Armageddon sight as they seem here? After the Apocalypse occasionally offsets its tired conception with chintzy charm, and Carolyn McCartney's high-contrast b&w cinematography lands upon a perfect balance of grainy 16mm noise and harsh toxicity. But countless scenes involving, say, naive ogling at the sight of a dude making music with spoons ultimately prove wearying.


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Yasuaki Nakajima
Yasuaki Nakajima
Yasuaki Nakajima
Jacqueline Bowman
Velina Georgi
Zorikh Lequidre
Oscar Lowe
Moises Morales
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