After the Sunset

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Like the more heavyweight ‘Heat’, this draws drama from the uneasy relationship between cop and criminal. Frustrated that diamond thief Max (Pierce Brosnan) has consistently eluded him, FBI agent Stan (Woody Harrelson) follows him to a tropical island where he lives, supposedly retired, with partner Lola (Salma Hayek). Stan teams up with attractive local cop Sophie (Naomie Harris) in an attempt to catch Max nabbing a priceless diamond being exhibited on a nearby cruise ship.

Forced to interact on this small island, the two men begin a jokey game of cat and mouse that could have serious consequences. But hey, not that serious: this is comedy-lite that would rather contrive a situation where the two men must share a bed than create a believable, suspenseful scenario. Granted, the interplay between Harrelson and Brosnan offers some farcical pleasure, but this spreads its plot interest too thin and fails to deliver credible explanations for its characters’ actions. Don Cheadle’s Kingpin, in particular, feels like a plot pawn, and Hayek exists purely to provide decoration and token romance. There’s glamour, giggles and a couple of good heist scenes, but generally this is clumsily signposted and slow. That said, audiences seeking mild diversion might prefer approaching it as Lola does her new surroundings: ‘The challenge is to find joy in simple things’.

By: AS


Release details

Release date:
Friday November 19 2004
100 mins

Cast and crew

Brett Ratner
Paul Zbyszewski
Pierce Brosnan
Woody Harrelson
Don Cheadle
Salma Hayek
Naomie Harris
Chris Penn
Russell Hornsby
Troy Garity
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