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Agent 8 π

  • Film

Time Out says

The formula remains the same the second time round. A highbrow music academy in London is the suspected cover for dastardly dealings involving a device for brainwashing world leaders. Posing as a talented clarinettist, 16-year-old agent Banks (Muniz, competent) arrives at the Harry Potter-style boarding school with a packet of exploding Mintoes and proceeds to lob in a few spanners. One would have hoped that Welsh director Allen might have avoided the Hollywood clichés of a postcard London, but no, our first sight of the capital is of Big Ben, followed by a red bus, and a black cab converted into a surveillance vehicle. The supporting cast, too, are mostly caricatured Brit eccentrics. But, hey, there's enough Bond-like action and high jinks to hold most juniors' attention.
Written by DA
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