Aggro Seizeman


Time Out says

Uneasy balance of late-adolescent trauma, comedy thriller and romance. 'Aggro' is the hero's nickname (ie, he's rough), 'Seizeman' his occupation, meaning he repossesses goods from punters who haven't kept up their hire purchase, usually without informing his victims. His girl's parents think he's a creep, she's not so sure, and the 'seizures' are mostly meant to have us rolling in the aisles until we discover why the chip is on his shoulder. Unfortunately this is one rebel who's missing not only a cause but also a script, director, editor and any competent fellow actors.

By: GD


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

James Mannas, Brian Stuart-Young
James Mannas, Brian Stuart-Young
Gordon Case
Martha Gonsalves
Paulene McKenzie
Oscar Edwards
Cecily Robinson
Frank Pilgrim
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