Agnes and His Brothers

WHITE POISE Weiss sits pretty.
WHITE POISE Weiss sits pretty.

Time Out says

Vying hectically for screen time, the siblings of the title are variously transsexual (Weiss), sex addicted (Bleibtreu) and sex starved (Knaup). But as mismatched trios go, they’re peas in a pod compared with the wildly different influences competing within this German confection: The film tips its hat to Fassbinder (Margit Carstensen has a bit part), nods in its title to Visconti and borrows its loud, solid-colored decor from Almodvar. The resolutions don’t wash, but the movie is occasionally entertaining in a schizophrenic way—like a family reunion that’s gotten out of hand. (Opens Fri; Quad.)—Ben Kenigsberg



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