Agnes Browne


Time Out says

Adapted from Irish comedian Brendan O'Carroll's autobiographical novel The Mammy, this would-be heartwarming melodrama offers director/star Anjelica Huston the chance to play a character so utterly noble she never convinces us for a moment. Late '60s Dublin finds the recently widowed Agnes Browne with seven young mouths to feed. She works on a fruit and veg stall, and loan shark Mr Billy (Winstone in Bill Sikes mode) is threatening to break down her door. Meanwhile, best pal Marion (O'Dwyer) gets bad news from the doctor. What's more, neither of them can afford to see the forthcoming Tom Jones concert. It sounds corny, it is corny, and although Huston's performance is indefatigable, the whole picture exists merely to offer its leading lady the chewiest of roles. It might have played better as an urban fairytale, but Huston labours under the mistaken impression that this is gritty drama.

By: TJ


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Anjelica Huston
John Goldsmith, Brendan O'Carroll
Anjelica Huston
Marion O'Dwyer
Ray Winstone
Arno Chevrier
Gerard McSorley
Niall O'Shea
Ciarán Owens
Roxanna Williams
Carl Power
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