Air Force


Time Out says

Hawks's 'contribution to the war effort', for all its then topical anti-Japanese propaganda, now comes across as a typical Hawksian examination of the isolated, all-male group, here the crew of an American B-17 Bomber operating in the Pacific shortly after Pearl Harbor. As so often, the predominant themes are self-respect, loyalty, professionalism, and the problems of integration facing the newcomer/outsider, in this case cynical rear-gunner Garfield. Rather like a bleak version of the director's earlier Only Angels Have Wings, it's an unusually moving example of the 'why-we-fight' genre, with genuinely horrific scenes of widespread destruction alternating with more intimate, introspective scenes depicting the tensions between the various vividly characterised members of the crew.


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Howard Hawks
Dudley Nichols
John Garfield
John Ridgely
George Tobias
Harry Carey
Edward S Brophy
Arthur Kennedy
Gig Young
Charles Drake
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