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Time Out says

The first in the ghastly series spawned by Arthur Hailey's bestseller, this is the one about the mad bomber on the Rome flight, plus the statutory collection of cardboard characters with pop-up problems. Lancaster is the harassed airport manager trying to cope, in addition to the aforesaid auto-destruct passenger, with snow-bound flying conditions, a wife talking divorce, an affair with another employee (Seberg), and a brother-in-law (Martin) who is not only piloting the threatened aircraft but has contrived to impregnate the stewardess (Bisset). With clichés fairly running riot, the efficient cast, at least, is a mercy.

By: TM


Release details

136 mins

Cast and crew

George Seaton
George Seaton
Burt Lancaster
Dean Martin
Jean Seberg
Jacqueline Bisset
George Kennedy
Helen Hayes
Van Heflin
Maureen Stapleton
Dana Wynter
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