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Time Out says

Home comes no more remote than the Alaskan village of Quincy. Small wonder, then, that teenage Sean (Kartheiser) is disillusioned by the decision of his widower father (Benedict) to leave the city and a lucrative airline job in order to fly provisions to inaccessible outposts in a rickety light aircraft. However, Sean's younger sister Jessie (Birch) enjoys communing with nature, an attribute that stands the siblings in good stead when, following an argument, father flies off into the wilderness - and into a cliff. So begins an odyssey of survival as the pair traverse Alaska's most challenging terrain and, in the process, befriend a polar bear cub. Director Heston is clearly aware of what pleases the eye, and as a result throws in plenty of wide-angle shots of the breathtaking environment; the young leads, too, don't obtrude on the slimline plot. A taut little action pic.

By: DA


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Fraser C Heston
Andrew Burg, Scott Myers
Thora Birch
Vincent Kartheiser
Dirk Benedict
Charlton Heston
Duncan Fraser
Gordon Tootoosis
Ben Cardinal
Ryan Kent
Don S Davis
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