Alexander Nevsky

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Eisenstein's first project to reach completion in nearly ten years, Alexander Nevsky is widely regarded as an artistic and political disaster, despite its wide international popularity. Conceived as a kind of nationalist epic (and approved as such by Stalin), it resurrects the 13th-century hero Nevsky as an almost mythic guardian of the Russian heritage, and celebrates his victories against the Teutonic invaders; it was read as an anti-Nazi film during the war. It's easy to see why the mixture of religiosity, caricature and bold aestheticism has pleased many of the people some of the time. It's main interest now is that it cleared the way for the infinitely richer and more complex achievement of Ivan the Terrible.

By: TR


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Sergei M Eisenstein
Sergei M Eisenstein, Piotr A Pavlenko
Nikolai Cherkasov
Nikolai Okhlopkov
Alexandr Abrikosov
Dmitri Orlov
Vera Ivacheva
Anna Danilova
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