Alexander the Great


Time Out says

A tale of socialism first deformed and then destroyed by an authoritarian leader, set in Greece a few years after the Paris Commune. Its Alexander is a bandit who became a popular folk hero. Following his escape from prison, he kidnaps some English aristocrats and demands as ransom that the rich local landowners hand over their property to the peasants. When a commune is set up, socialist ideals are betrayed by internal struggles as Italian anarchists, agrarian communists and radical extremists jostle for supremacy. A relentless demonstration of stylistic brilliance, it leaves one wondering why the parable is not more challenging and its point less predictable.


Release details

230 mins

Cast and crew

Theo Angelopoulos
Theo Angelopoulos
Omero Antonutti
Eva Kotamanidou
Grigoris Evangelatos
Michalis Yannatos
Laura De Marchi