Time Out says

Very strange movie about a farmer who goes to bed for a couple of months after his nagging wife's death; and how the villagers, who feel that he isn't living up to his status as a landowner, try to wake him up and end up falling asleep themselves; and how he almost meets his match, someone equally slothful. In fact the film makes an interesting companion piece to Nelly Kaplan's La Fiancée du Pirate, except that her heroine here becomes the deceitful chief baddy: the male dropout's only way of survival is to avoid alluring ladies who entice him into conformity. Pretty strongly anti-women. Has some antics with a trained dog.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Yves Robert
Yves Robert, Pierre Lévy-Corti
Philippe Noiret
Françoise Brion
Marlène Jobert
Paul Le Person
Jean Carmet
Tsilla Chelton
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