Alfie Darling


Time Out says

In what looks like developing into an EEC movie, Price shows those M'zelles what a British leg-over is all about. But back home, this belated sequel to Alfie switches to the Americanisation of the Cockney skirt-chaser (Pontiac, Marlboros, etc) in a desperate bid to prove that the Affluent Society is still available, even to the working class. As for the 'birds', it's a matter of showing what those middle class dollies really want. In its efforts to sell a lifestyle, the film comes really unstuck when Alfie falls in love with hard-to-get Townsend. No one, it seems, can deal with the emotions involved: the film looks increasingly like an advert with no product to sell.

By: CPe


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Ken Hughes
Ken Hughes
Alan Price
Jill Townsend
Paul Copley
Joan Collins
Sheila White
Annie Ross
Hannah Gordon
Rula Lenska
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