Alien Trespass

2 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

2 out of 5 stars
In this broad send-up of ’50s sci-fi films, small-town teenagers looking for thrills run into an alien invader; meanwhile, the local law enforcement makes stern pronouncements, and
the requisite pipe-smoking astronomer (McCormack) delivers pseudoscientific gibberish in a voice dripping confidence and condescension. All that’s missing from this would-be spoof are laughs. R.W. Goodwin has some television directing credits, and it shows; the film doesn’t look like a vintage “Watch the skies!” B movie so much as a bad boob-tube parody of one. Trust us: The originals are far more fun.

By: Hank Sartin



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Cast and crew

RW Goodwin
Steven P. Fisher
Eric McCormack
Jenni Baird
Robert Patrick
Jody Thompson
Dan Lauria
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