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Time Out says

Aliens, a great action movie, cheapened the original by replacing one hyper-intelligent, indestructible monster with an army of gormless critters. This third entry has only one creature, but unfortunately it's just as gormless. When Ripley (Weaver) crash-lands on a prison planet full of hard-nut slap-heads, they haven't seen a woman in years. Discovering that there's an alien loose, Ripley asks the warden to break out the guns, and can't believe it when she is told there aren't any. Nor can we. Good acting has salvaged many a poor script in the past, but not here. Dance is slaughtered in the first act, as is the regulation bastard warden (Glover), leaving only Sigourney, impressive as ever, and a motley cast of extras. Though wasteful of the expensive sets, Fincher's tight close-ups do add to the sense of claustrophobic panic.
Written by DW

Release Details

  • Duration:115 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:David Fincher
  • Screenwriter:Larry Ferguson, David Giler, Walter Hill, William Gibson, John Fasano
  • Cast:
    • Charles Dance
    • Danny Webb
    • Sigourney Weaver
    • Charles S Dutton
    • Ralph Brown
    • Brian Glover
    • Paul McGann
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