Alive and Kicking


Time Out says

Tonio (Flemyng) is the leading light of the Ballet Luna, and probably the last: with its ranks decimated by AIDS, and Luna (Tutin) going down with Alzheimer's, the company is in an advanced stage of disrepair. Offered the lead in a valedictory production of an old success, 'Indian Summer', Tonio throws himself into the part. It could be the chance of a lifetime, because he too has AIDS; then again, perhaps the hard work is also an evasion - isolated, confused and emotionally disoriented, he's already accepted the virus as a death sentence on his love life. Then he meets Jack (Sher), HIV-negative, but interested, despite Tonio's rebuffs. How better to extend one's horizons than a relationship with a dumpy, balding older man who can't dance? This remains solidly in the tradition of gritty British realism, resolutely unglamorous and looking always rather TV-bound. However, Martin Sherman's script, adapted from his stage play, is cogent and witty, and steers clear of the downbeat worthiness of the AIDS-drama ghetto towards the more invigorating realms of contemporary gay courtship.

By: NB


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Nancy Meckler
Martin Sherman
Jason Flemyng
Antony Sher
Dorothy Tutin
Anthony Higgins
Bill Nighy
Philip Voss
Diane Parish
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