Alive and Kicking


Time Out says

Tonio (Flemyng) is the leading light of the Ballet Luna, and probably the last: with its ranks decimated by AIDS, and Luna (Tutin) going down with Alzheimer's, the company is in an advanced stage of disrepair. Offered the lead in a valedictory production of an old success, 'Indian Summer', Tonio throws himself into the part. It could be the chance of a lifetime, because he too has AIDS; then again, perhaps the hard work is also an evasion - isolated, confused and emotionally disoriented, he's already accepted the virus as a death sentence on his love life. Then he meets Jack (Sher), HIV-negative, but interested, despite Tonio's rebuffs. How better to extend one's horizons than a relationship with a dumpy, balding older man who can't dance? This remains solidly in the tradition of gritty British realism, resolutely unglamorous and looking always rather TV-bound. However, Martin Sherman's script, adapted from his stage play, is cogent and witty, and steers clear of the downbeat worthiness of the AIDS-drama ghetto towards the more invigorating realms of contemporary gay courtship.


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Nancy Meckler
Martin Sherman
Jason Flemyng
Antony Sher
Dorothy Tutin
Anthony Higgins
Bill Nighy
Philip Voss
Diane Parish
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