All Quiet on the Western Front

Film, Drama
All Quiet on the Western Front

Time Out says

Based on Erich Maria Remarque's pacifist novel and renowned as the classic anti-war movie - it details the slow but steady extermination of a group of idealistic young German soldiers in World War I - the film's strength now derives less from its admittedly powerful but highly simplistic utterances about war as waste, than from a generally excellent set of performances (Ayres especially) and an almost total reluctance to follow normal plot structure. It is in fact the often relentless depiction of unflagging warfare and suffering that eventually pummels one into feeling, rather than understanding, the film's message.

By: GA


Release details

138 mins

Cast and crew

Lewis Milestone
George Abbott, Del Andrews, Maxwell Anderson
Raymond Griffith
Lew Ayres
Owen Davis Jr
Slim Summerville
William Bakewell
Russell Gleason
Louis Wolheim
John Wray
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