All That Jazz

All That Jazz

Time Out says

Apparently Bob Fosse thought it 'foolish' to call All That Jazz self-indulgent. But he did direct, choreograph and co-write this musical comedy; it's about his life; it's very pleased with itself. As translated onto screen, his story is wretched: the jokes are relentlessly crass and objectionable; the song'n'dance routines have been created in the cutting-room and have lost any sense of fun; Fellini-esque moments add little but pretension; and scenes of a real open-heart operation, alternating with footage of a symbolic Angel of Death in veil and white gloves, fail even in terms of the surreal.

By: HM


Release details

123 mins

Cast and crew

Bob Fosse
Robert Alan Aurthur, Bob Fosse
Roy Scheider
Jessica Lange
Ann Reinking
Leland Palmer
Cliff Gorman
Ben Vereen
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