All Through the Night

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Lively if unremarkable Warners comedy thriller with Bogart as a wisecracking New York gambler taking on Veidt's Nazi fifth columnists, who are planning to sabotage a battleship anchored in the harbour. Shades of Runyon in the brisk banter as Bogart rallies his underworld troops, and strong acting from a superb cast (that goes on to include Jane Darwell, Jackie Gleason, Phil Silvers, Frank McHugh, Barton MacLane and Martin Kosleck) make it more than watchable, though both propaganda and direction are less than inspired.

By: GA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Vincent Sherman
Leonard Spigelgass, Edwin Gilbert
Humphrey Bogart
Conrad Veidt
Peter Lorre
Judith Anderson
Karen Verne
Jane Darwell
Frank McHugh
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