Almonds and Raisins


Time Out says

Pictures from a galaxy far away and long ago: the 300-odd no-budget Yiddish talkies assembly-line manufactured in New York and Poland during the '30s. Very audience-specific films, too. The theme of many of them, whether melodrama or comedy (or Western!), is that of the immigrant finding a home in a new culture without sacrificing old values. For cinephiles, the extracts from the Edgar G Ulmer films are the prime attraction, but the Yiddish analogues of Abbott & Costello, Maisie and Ma Kettle exert a certain fascination in their own right. The memories of surviving participants and Wolf Mankowitz's commentary leave many points uncovered: look as well to Sylvia Paskin's excellent history When Joseph Met Molly.

By: DO


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Russ Karel
Wolf Mankowitz
Herschel Bernardi
Joseph Green
Zvee Scooler
Seymour Rechtzeit
Leo Fuchs
Miriam Kressyn
David Opatashu
Orson Welles
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