Almost Summer


Time Out says

Funny but airtight tale of student electioneering and crushes in Beach Boy/Beach Baby land, contemporary in setting but as backward-looking as The Lords of Flatbush (which Davidson co-directed). It's the same old 'Is There Life After High School?', lubricated by mesmerising visions of material privilege - sunshine, wheels, and no parents in sight. The performances are assured, the cutting slick, the whole story runs along with compulsive familiarity: Italian-style hustler runs an unknown candidate against super-popular ball-busting cheerleader. We gawp at harsh political realities (side order of irony here), naked ambition is eventually outclassed by immense personal integrity, and everyone gets partners at the prom.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Davidson
Martin Davidson, Marc Reid Rubel, Sandra Berg, Judith Berg
Thomas Carter
John Friedrich
Tim Matheson
Didi Conn
Lee Purcell
Bruno Kirby
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