Aloha, Bobby and Rose


Time Out says

The same compulsive electric landscape of California as American Graffiti, but now it's a decade later and the snakes have got into the garden: LeMat (from Graffiti) and Hull play two disappointed fugitives from the '60s on the run after an accidental shooting. Mutrux achieves the same kind of dizzying skating-rink effect that Lucas managed in the earlier film, and gives it a vicious added edge by some unexpected juxtapositions: 'Locomotion' by Little Eva punctuates a terrifying slow-motion car accident. As the movie develops, the couple resemble human pinballs sliding back and forth among the cruelly compulsive lights and sounds. With little characterisation or depth, the plot doesn't finally add up to much more than a coda to Graffiti, but a sharply effective one.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Floyd Mutrux
Floyd Mutrux
Paul LeMat
Dianne Hull
Tim McIntire
Leigh French
Martine Bartlett
Robert Carradine
Noble Willingham
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