Along Came Polly

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

For a man who doesn't like to take chances, Reuben Feffer (Stiller) isn't slow at coming forward. A fortnight after a honeymoon during which he caught his wife scuba-doing it with a French diving instructor, he's back in the game, hoping to take the plunge with former schoolmate Polly Prince (Aniston) at an arty party. Alas! Polly is one krayzee lady - hell, this chick likes salsa dancing and ethnic food - while anal-retentive Reuben has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and no sense of rhythm. You could be forgiven for approaching this humbug with a certain degree of optimism. The set-up has promise (if you like that kind of thing); Stiller and Hamburg, star and co-writer respectively of Zoolander and Meet the Parents, have a history (if you like that kind of thing); and Aniston has a pretty face (if you like... ). But without the rom-com requisites of charm, chemistry, comedy and character, this doesn't even meet low expectations. Stiller is game but has nowhere to go with his 'barely neurotic at all' Reuben, while Aniston is asked only to act kooky - and can't even manage that convincingly.

By: PW


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

John Hamburg
John Hamburg
Ben Stiller
Jennifer Aniston
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Debra Messing
Hank Azaria
Bryan Brown
Alec Baldwin
Jsu Garcia
Michele Lee
Bob Dishy
Missi Pyle
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