Amazing Grace and Chuck


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The concept that a 12-year-old Little League pitcher from small-town Montana could force the US and Soviet leaders to their knees, abjuring nuclear weapons, would seem to indicate that writer/producer David Field had been dropped on his head. He must have remained persuasive, however, since he got Newell to direct, and Peck and Jamie Lee Curtis to star. Chuck (Zuehlke) despairs after going on a school trip to a Minuteman missile silo, and gives up baseball in protest. Six-foot-seven basketball ace Amazing Grace Smith (English) reads the item in the press and comes out in sympathy, followed by most of the world's sportsmen, who move into Amazing's barn to coordinate the campaign. President Peck is seldom off Chuck's lawn, confessing that 'this job of mine can get a bit lonely', and offering limited reductions; but the button won't budge. Puerile.

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