American Cousins


Time Out says

New Jersey mobsters Settimo (Hedaya) and Gino (Nucci) land in Glasgow fleeing scary Ukrainian villains after a skewed deal. They find refuge under the roof of distant relative Roberto (Lepkowski), a mild Scots Italian chip-shop owner unaware of their shady past. It's no challenge to predict developments in this culture clash comedy, with the slick Yanks taking time to appreciate their steadfast, law-abiding hosts, American can-do attitudes rubbing off on the Scots, and demure-but-passionate chippy assistant Alice (Henderson) seeing her romantic options extend beyond her tongue-tied boss. Since the screenplay delivers everything you'd expect, more or less in the order you'd expect it, the film should be a redundant exercise. Actually, it only goes to show that likeable performances and the odd amusing set piece (a fish-frying competition, the horrors of Scottish country dancing) can, in the right circumstances, prove winning. A micro-budget, modestly cast piece of unpretentious entertainment.

By: TJ


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Donald Coutts
Sergio Casci
Danny Nucci
Shirley Henderson
Gerald Lepkowski
Vincent Pastore
Dan Hedaya
Russell Hunter
Stevan Rimkus
Stephen Graham
Jake Abraham
Alan McQueen
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