American Pie 2

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This catches up with the original foursome on vacation after freshman year at college. Once again the girls are the mature, balanced ones. Clean-cut Kevin (Nicholas) meets his ex, Vicky (Reid), and wants rather more from their friendship than she does; nice-guy jock Oz (Klein) has to deal with a summer apart from his beloved Heather (Suvari); aspiring intellectual Finch (Thomas) pines after his own Mrs Robinson; and Jim (Biggs) - the apple-pie lover - prepares for a visit from Czech sex bomb Nadia (Elizabeth) by taking lessons in love from nerdy regular Michelle (Hannigan). Base subject matter notwithstanding, the jokes are clever, original and delivered with some class. The film is surprisingly eloquent in emotional terms, as the boys begin to realise that losing their virginity didn't change their lives quite as much as they'd expected.

By: CSa


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

JB Rogers
Adam Herz
Jason Biggs
Shannon Elizabeth
Alyson Hannigan
Chris Klein
Natasha Lyonne
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Tara Reid
Seann William Scott
Mena Suvari
Eddie Kaye Thomas
Eugene Levy
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