An Actor's Revenge


Time Out says

Yukinojo, a female impersonator in a Kabuki theatre troupe, takes revenge on the three nobles who forced his parents to commit suicide. Maintaining his female role offstage, he pursues his vendetta by playing out a false courtship, and by turning his enemies against each other. A film of phenomenal all-round accomplishment, with daringly stylised visuals. Nothing is more astonishing than the twin performances of Kazuo Hasegawa as both Yukinojo and the thief who befriends him, Yomitaro - especially when you learn that Hasegawa had already played the dual role in Kinugasa's version of the story, made nearly thirty years earlier.


Release details

113 mins

Cast and crew

Kon Ichikawa
Daisuke Ito, Teinosuke Kinugasa, Natto Wada
Kazuo Hasegawa
Fujiko Yamamoto
Ayako Wakao
Ganjiri Nakamura
Raizo Ichikawa
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