An Alligator Named Daisy

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Not quite a musical, not effectively a comedy, but mainly an aberration, this outpouring of Rank stupidity somehow generates an absurd fascination. The title character Daisy is passed on to aspiring tunesmith Sinden by a salty old seadog, and soon herself tangled in romantic complications 'twixt chirpy vet Carson and posh hottie Dors. Individual scenes with one docile reptile prove manageable, but when newspaper magnate Robertson Justice calls an 'alligator rally' (don't ask!), sheer desperation amuses as we spot stuffed alligators, alligator glove puppets and plastic alligators on castors. Filling out the fray, unbilled cameos from Frankie Howerd, Jimmy Edwards and Gilbert Harding, plus a screen bow for a certain hunk of Ulster beef who'd be racing a chariot against Chuck Heston just four years hence.


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

J Lee Thompson
Jack Davies
Ernest Thesiger
Avice Landone
Stephen Boyd
Richard Wattis
Donald Sinden
Jeannie Carson
Diana Dors
Roland Culver
Stanley Holloway
James Robertson Justice
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