An American Tail

Film, Animation

Time Out says

An animated feature set towards the end of the last century, this is a tale of persecuted Russian mice - the Mouskowitzes - travelling to America in search of a cat-free life. Inevitably, young Feivel is separated from his family and left to wander the mean streets of the Big Apple, encountering corrupt Irish-American politicians from Tammany Hall, streetwise Italian-American guttersnipes, and friendly French pigeons. For all its state-of-the-art animation techniques, Spielberg's production remains resolutely conservative: visually it's virtually indistinguishable from Walt at his wimpiest.


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Don Bluth
Tony Geiss, Judy Freudberg
Christopher Plummer
Hal Smith
Madeline Kahn
Phillip Glasser
Dom De Luise
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