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Time Out says

Andre is an abandoned new-born seal discovered by Maine harbour master Harry Whitney (Carradine) and his seven-year-old daughter Toni (Majorino). With the help of Mum (Field), they nurse the creature to healthy adulthood. When Andre masters the art of balancing balls and dressing in Hawaiian shirts, Dad seizes the chance to attract the attention of the national press. But he's not counted on Billy Baker (Szarabajka), an ignorant seal-hating fisherman. Andre is not naturally winning, and the human characters don't seem to be giving body and soul to the enterprise. Undemanding.

By: WH


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

George Miller
Dana Baratta
Keith Carradine
Tina Majorino
Chelsea Field
Keith Szarabajka
Shane Meier
Aidan Pendleton
Shirley Broderick
Andrea Libman
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